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Handy Guide to 2011 Fall TV

Once again, here is my guide to the ins and outs of 30 new shows premiering in the fall of 2011.

  • SYNOPSIS – A description of the series premise.
  • /tv/ CRED – What aspects of the series might be of interest to you?
  • THE BUZZ – What critics and bloggers who have seen the series are saying.
  • THE /tv/ EQUATION – My mathematical formula for best explaining the series.
  • /tv/ COMPATIBILITY RATING – How likely the series is to appeal to viewers from /tv/. Not a judgment of series quality.

4 responses to “Handy Guide to 2011 Fall TV

  1. Jizzy ⋅

    Do u have one for 2012/2013?

  2. I really enjoyed this last year. Will you do one for this year please? would be awesome!!!

  3. Anonymous ⋅

    hey paulson, don’t know if you’re still on /tv/ or will even check this… but it’s eames from way back when! Reply to this and i’ll give you my email and everything we should catch up!

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