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One Day Movies

Here’s a chart I just made of 210 single day movies.  There’s something about time constrained films that makes them just fun and exciting to watch.

For the sake of inclusion, a one day movie is a film that takes place for the vast majority over a single 24 hour period (or less). They can have breif prologues or epilogues that take place on a different day (Speed, Can’t Hardly Wait, Shawn of the Dead, etc.), or mess with the timeline, while keeping the focus on the day or day-in-the-life of the characters (Groundhog’s Day, Timecrimes, Triangle, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure etc.).

2 responses to “One Day Movies

  1. Anonymous ⋅

    The Breakfast Club is incorrectly labeled and Inside Man lasts a week in movie.

    • Thanks for the breakfast Club heads up, should be fixed now. As for Inside Man, I don’t think I’ve seen it. I compiled this list mostly from other existing lists online, which is why I added the disclaimer that while they should mostly take place over a single day or night, there may be some overlap or flashbacks or whatnot.

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