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Original Film Posters

For fun and also to help me improve my photoshop skills, I set off on a project to make original posters for my 30 favorite films, working in alphabetical order.  The project is on hold for now (working on it 12 hour days for a week in a row will do that to you), but I present the eight posters that I have completed so far below for your perusal.

My most recent poster was for Tarsem’s masterpiece “The Fall“.  This one took an extremely long time to complete, but I think it was worth it.The other seven after the jump.

The first poster I completed was for the original 1957 courtroom drama “12 Angry Men“.  With this poster I had the idea of featuring the clothing of Henry Fonda’s character, replacing his black tie with the iconic switch-blade knife.  There are then 12 rows or levels branching out from him like echos.  At some point I will revisit this poster and improve it with some of the new techniques and skills I acquired during this project.

Next I made this poster for the 2009 Best Picture nominee “A Serious Man“.

The little-seen documentary “American Movie” about an aspiring filmmaker in the midwest is truly a must see.  For this poster I took a shot of scene-stealer Mike Schank from one of his most infamous scenes and recreated it using film reel strips.  I also added a film slate colored to look like the American flag.

When I was in Japanese class in high school, I got extra credit for going to see the premiere of this film, “Battle Royale,” in a local art-house cinema.  It’s been one of my favorite movies ever since.  For this poster I tried to recreate the scene of two students jumping off a cliff in simple silhouette.  Within the shadow of the cliff face is the list of 42 students and the weapons they have been assigned, written in japanese hiragana and katakana.

For the poster for “Beautiful Thing,” the fantastic British gay coming-of-age film, I recreated the design of the drab housing projects that serve as the backdrop for most of the film and added in the three main characters (in the order of their flats from the movie) as light and color in an otherwise bleak existence.

When brainstorming what to do for my “Breakfast Club” poster, I had the idea of taking each of the five main characters and having them represent a breakfast food.  See if you can associate each food item with its corresponding character.  It shouldn’t be too hard.

After “The Iron Giant,” “Children of Men” is my favorite movie EVER.  So designing a poster for it was a daunting task.  What I ended up with was a smorgasbord of ideas that hopefully combine together into a workable whole.  I’m not sure it does.  The concept is a cracked egg (representing new, non-human  life) sitting in a nest made up of children’s artwork in a baby crib that’s also a cage, the very same type of cage used in the movies to detain fugies.   Above the crib is a mobile hanging blood over the nest.


While the project is currently on hold, here is a sneak peak of what I’m working on for the next poster, “Finding Forrester.”

9 responses to “Original Film Posters

  1. These are so awesome! I especially love the one for The Fall. Plus, I got some nice new movie recommendations out of this! Gonna watch Battle Royale now! =D

  2. MadMorwen

    You did an awesome job with your version of The Fall. I love it! 🙂

  3. Rodrigo ⋅

    I love your poster design for “The Fall”! Are you selling poster prints of these?

    • Hey Rodrigo, glad you like it. I’m not selling prints mainly cause it’s super expensive to get things printed, hell I don’t even have a copy. But that’s the full size version I have of it so feel free to take it to your local printing shop and get one made. I just do these things for fun/boredom, not trying to make money from it.

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  5. lee ⋅

    hello, Mr.Robert, I love your artworks. especially, “The Fall”. already someone asked you to share your poster…. so, If you don’t mind, can i print that poster personally?

  6. mandy ⋅

    I’d pay good money for that poster for A Serious Man

  7. Matt ⋅

    Your selection of imagery for A Serious Man is particularly astute. Were you commissioned by the Coens to execute this poster, or did you design it of your own accord. I would very much like to purchase a print if you have any available. Thanks.

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