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McBeth in Space – /tv/ Movie Poster

Another new /tv/ movie poster.

Final Cast: Mel Gibson (Protagonist), Nicolas Cage (Antagonist), Michael Cera (Love Interest), Robert Pattinson (The Annoying Tag-Along Character), Zack Galifianakis (The Hero’s Sidekick), Tommy Wiseau (The Villain’s Second-In-Command), James Gandolfini (The Comic Relief), Bill Murray (The Ensemble Darkhorse), Natalie Portman (The Turncoat), Robert Downey Jr. (The Cameo)
Movie Title – McBeth in Space
Tagline – “Oh, Gosh. So Close!”
Director – M. Night Shyamalan
Plot – A crew which has been trapped in deep space for seven years suffers from delirium and believes they are characters in the play Macbeth.  Nicolas Cage is the only member of the crew not suffering from space madness due to a malfunction in the cleaning cycle process of the bio-freeze caskets. Throughout the film Cage goes through an elaborate set of plans to trick the amnesiac crew into thinking they’re characters from MacBeth by placing tiny clues and false memories around the ship. In reality Cage is jealous of Gibson, who is the ship’s captain, because he stole Cage’s long-time boyfriend Michael Cera’s virginity in a fit of passion back on earth.  Nicolas Cage covertly creeps arround the spaceship setting up the conspiracy to the sound of Mel Gibson reciting Shakespeare.  Robert Downey Jr’s cameo is him as a transsexual alien, who it turns out had a past relationship with Mel Gibson, who turns up in the denouement as Mel Gibson hallucinates in all the delirium.
Sex scene – Robert Pattinson gets raped by Natalie Portman. Pattinson is a total bitch during the whole scene in his most convincing role to date.
Ending – The ship drifts away in the laughing face of the child.
Plot twist – Bill Murray is Gibson’s twin brother who is responsible for everything Gibson allegedly did.

And here’s the awesome trailer someone put together:

2 responses to “McBeth in Space – /tv/ Movie Poster

  1. stybz

    I found this poster while doing a Bing search and was ROTF. It still makes me laugh. It’s a great poster. 🙂

  2. Zonaira Saghir ⋅

    awesome work. rate; 11/10!!!!!!!!

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